Summer Noticias

Posted on July 25, 2016 by Lindsey Barrett

Summer Heat Brings Harvest

The heat is here but so is harvest time! Our many hard-working hands have been busy harvesting and planting new crops and feverishly preparing for the arrival of new pigs. We have begun harvest on our wheat and barley. We do grow some wheat for seed but most of our crop is used as feed that is then fed directly to our pigs.

Farm to Fork

The newest crop of heirloom beans was planted in July. Along with those countless varietals of beans, we planted red leaf lettuce, two varieties of green leaf lettuce, parsley and dill for seed. Our tomatoes and corn are looking good and harvest begins on them mid-August. Ancient grains are being harvested in large amounts and we will have Sonora, Durum, Spelt and Emmer all in time for your summer grain salads. You can also buy the grains finely milled into flour to be used in cookies and pasta making. 

Finally, the pigs are currently in the farrowing stage, or giving birth, and we are looking forward to all the newest additions. On the business side of the Rancho we are excited to announce we have recently completed our Global Animal Partnership and Non GMO Project verifications and audits. We are looking forward to continued practice of good animal husbandry and we are proud to be members of organizations paving the way forward in sustainable agricultural practices.

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