Sloooow Cook Box

Patience makes your heart -- and your love of our pork -- grow fonder. There is no better way to prepare our meat than to let it ride slow and low. Whether in a low-temp oven, on a flickering stovetop flame, in a Dutch oven, home smoker, big green egg, or over the dying embers of an outdoor fire (our favorite), these cuts are best for slow roasting and braising. Similarly, our beans are FRESH and thus stand up to long and low cook times, especially when over the fire in terra cotta pot, accompanying our pork.

Includes: Bone-in Picnic Shoulder Roast (4.5 lbs); Baby Back Ribs (1-1.5lbs); Smoked Ham Hock (1.5 lbs); 1 bag Soup Mix Beans (16oz); 1 bag Canario Beans (12oz); 1 bag Pinquito Beans (12oz)

Total weight: approx. 9.75lbs meat, frozen; 2.25lbs dried heirloom beans

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