Small Family Box

Our small family box looks to feed 3-4 people a few different meals over the course of the week, without occupying too much space in your fridge or freezer. Includes tasty ingredient-driven cuts like lardons (cured bacon bits, ready for frying and adding to salads and stews) as well as dinner-ready cuts like our pork chops and spare ribs.

Includes: Bacon Lardons (1lb) , Ground Pork (1lb); 2 packs Pork Chops (2 chops per pack, 1.25-1.5 lbs each); Half Mini Ham (12-20oz); Half-rack Spare Ribs (1.5lbs); 1 lb Ground Beef; 1 bag Black Turtle Beans (12oz)

Total weight: Approx. 9 lbs meat, frozen; 3/4 lb dried heirloom beans

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