Small Family Box

Our small family box is perfect for 2-3 people and comes with an array of great cuts of Pork and Beef as well as our pre-seasoned items such as our Breakfast Sausage and Al Pastor Taco Meats.  The small family box takes up minimal storage space in your freezer or refrigerator while providing over 20 individual meals.

Includes: Breakfast Sausage (12oz) , Ground Pork (1lb); 1 pack Bone - InPork Chops (2 chops per pack, 1.25-1.5 lbs each);  Pork Tenderloin (1-1.5 lbs);  Bone-In Shoulder Roast (2.5-3lbs); Al Pastor Taco Meat (12oz);  Bacon (1lb);  Fresh Toulouse Sausage (12oz).

Total weight: Approx. 10 lbs meat, frozen; 

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