Welcome to the Rancho Box

Our way to say welcome! We would like to introduce you to a mix of our responsibly-raised pork and heirloom beans, a match made on the edge of the Sacramento River -- a place we liken to, yes, heaven. Includes our scrumptious "other red meat" pork chops and heirloom beans. 

Includes: 1 pack Bratwurst (12oz); 1 pack Bacon Lardons (16oz); 1 pack Pork Chops (2 chops per pack, 1.5 lbs); 1 bag Black Turtle Beans (12oz); 1 Jar of Lard (12 oz)

Total weight: Approx. 2.5lbs meat, frozen; 3/4 lb dried heirloom beans; 12 oz Jar of Lard


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