Basic Beans & Grains Cooking Instructions


Llano Seco Heirloom Beans 

Llano Seco Ancient Grains


How to Cook your Llano Seco Beans:

Our heirloom beans are grown with deep RESPECT for the land. These dried beans are YOUNG, cook them swiftly and without fear! Rinse your beans thoroughly and place in a pot covered with 6in of cold water. Add salt, stew meat {such as Llano Seco ham hock} and aromatics such as fresh or dried herbs, onion, garlic, whole chili pepper or peppercorns, etc. Bring to boil, reduce to a high simmer, adding water if needed. 1lb of dried beans yields 6 cups cooked beans.

How to Cook Your Llano Seco Grains:

By keeping all 3 components of a single grain, with none removed by industrial milling methods such as those that give us white refined flour, all the nutritional value and goodness of each kernel is retained. They are higher in protein, fiber, antioxidants, micronutrients, and usually lower in gluten content than modernized hybridized grains. Keep your grains in the fridge until you use them. Toasting or frying first speeds cooking and gives a roasted flavor. Cook in boiling water with a good dose of salt until tender, chewy to your liking, roughly an hour or so.