This classic barbecue cut is so versatile it can almost be cooked in any style: smoke it, roast it, braise it, or throw it in a slow cooker. Brisket comes from the lower chest region the steer and deepens in flavor when cooked low and slow. Sear all sides and then simmer to desired tenderness. Be adventurous and take it one step further and make your own pastrami from our pasture-raised beed. This pastrami recipe comes from Neil's Deli in North Carolina. If you don't have the tools, time or passion, you can use the brisket for stew meat. Or bust out your favorite brine recipe and let it sit for a week in the back of fridge. You can make corned beef and cabbage or impress your brunch crowd with corned beef hash on the weekend.

Total weight: Approx. 3.5 lbs, frozen. 

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