Landrace Grains & Beans Box

We've grown legumes and cereals at the Rancho for over 150 years. Varietals are chosen for flavor and complexity, and what better way to discover their nutritional and culinary benefits than our sampler box. Our beans are harvested fresh, stand up to long cooking times, and show a depth of flavor that beautifully compliments our pork. Our grains are 100% whole with none of the 3 crucial components (bran, germ and endosperm) removed, and all the nutritional value and goodness retained.

Includes: 1 bag Baby Lima Beans (16oz);1 bag Black Eyed Peas (16oz); 1 bag Durum Wheat Berries (24oz); 1 bag Appalachian Sweet Flint Popcorn (16oz)

Total weight: 4.5lbs dried heirloom beans and ancient grains

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